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  • Jordan - History and Nature


    The programme of this tour will make you discover Jordan from North to South. You will visit the famous historical sites of Jerash and Petra. You will experience the natural wonders of the country as you enjoy swimming in the Dead Sea, hiking in and around Petra and in the Wadi Rum Desert.
  • Mulâne Voyages by Mulâne Trekking

    Mulâne Trekking est aussi votre agence de voyages en collaboration avec d'autres tours opÊrateurs spÊcialistes du voyage sur mesure pour des vacances de qualitÊ et d'exception.
  • Rome - Ville ĂŠternelle


    Programme original Ă  destination de l'une de plus grandes capitales culturelles et historiques d'Europe de l'Ouest. Visites pĂŠdestres sous la conduite d'une guide culturelle francophone.
  • Oman - Best of d'Oman


    The programme of this tour is a selection of the best things to do and see in Oman: you will discover the Wadi Shab canyon and the breathtaking dunes in the Wadi Sand desert. You will mainly hike mountains ("Jabal") trails which will take you to magnificent sites, remote villages in the middle of the wilderness and unusual places. You will enjoy swimming and you will even see dolphins in the Oman Sea.
  • Iceland - Group trip - West and South Coast


    At the genesis of the earth, living along the beautiful south coast of Iceland. Recharging at the end of the world. A trip which combines nature discovery: black beach on the ocean, volcanoes, eroded mountains, glaciers and encounters with men and their traditions. An exceptional adventure...
  • Iceland - South Coast autotour


    Freedom program (car) with road book to explore the beautiful south coast of Iceland, to relax at the end of the world. A trip which blends discovery of nature: black beach on the ocean, volcanoes, eroded mountains, glaciers and meet with men and their traditions. An exceptional adventure !
  • Savoie Mont-Blanc - Tour of the Mont Blanc - North Rim

    Savoy Mont-Blanc

    Take your time..., Welcome to families and children (minimum 8 years old). The donkeys will carry your gear. You will hike across the alpine meadows as you gaze at the glaciers. You will discover wonderful landscapes from Italy to France via Switzerland.
  • Maroc - Sand Skippers

    Marocco - Atlantic Coast

    This is an unsual way to discover Marocco. You will hike along the Atlantic Ocean shore and you will discover the Essaouira region to the pace of dromadaries.
  • Iceland -


    Freedom program (car) with road book to make a grand tour of Iceland to discover the landscapes and nature. Guaranteed resourcing! A trip that mixes nature discovery: black beach on the ocean, volcanoes, eroded mountains, glaciers and encounters with men and their traditions. An adventure in self tower exception ...

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  • Maroc - La VallĂŠe des Roses
  • Jordanie - Le tour classique
  • Oman - A la rencontre d'Oman
  • Cap Vert - Les petits flibustiers
  • ArmĂŠnie du Sud
  • Maroc - Les Bateliers des Sables
The Mulane touch / spirit

Mulâne Trekking was born from my love for the mountains, for the Near East and from my passion for donkeys. I have been a mountain leader since 1985. I have hiked and climbed many mountains in the Savoy Mont Blanc region, Switzerland and Italy.

Since 1987, I have worked as a tourism agent. I have organized and led hikes, tours and treks in Europe, North Africa and the Near East. I have been involved in this professional activity with passion and curiosity. I have had the opportunity to visit and stay in those countries and regions. For the past five years, I have worked within a tour operator agency based in Geneva. They have specialized in ‘Adventure Hiking’. As I worked for them I have learned to look at nature, the mountains and the desert from a different point of view. I have met men and women who made me discover their lifestyle and their traditions.

I have used donkeys for my hikes and treks since 2001. They are very smart and sensitive animals that make a lot of hikes become possible for everyone. Adults as well as children will enjoy their company. Donkeys will enable you to meet new people as well as they will help you and your friends to discover each other.
My team is composed of four donkeys. We hike together on the Salève. We enjoy rides through the forest and across the alpine meadows.

I have acquired a lot of experience after all those years and now I intend to share that experience and my skills with you as I organize hikes and treks with donkeys and mules who will carry a part of your gear.

My partners and I will take you on paths, trails and tracks in the mountains and through the desert. You will experiment this unique feeling of hiking and trekking in different ways. You can pick from different sorts of routes: loops, one way hikes, round trips, two day of three day hikes around a single base camp. Thanks to the donkeys you will have the opportunity to travel light. You can come with your children, as a family or as a couple. You can also come with a group of friends or on your own. You can either choose a self-guided tour or a guided tour. You will not bother carrying your gear and food and you will be able to fully enjoy incomparable landscapes as you travel with a light backpack. You will take your time as you follow the pace of the donkeys to reach the cabin, the inn, the camp site… etc

Mulâne Adventure
It is based on the Salève, in the Alps and in the Jura. Our tours range from weekend packages to longer tours which include several activities. Those packages are perfectly suited for families with children or teenagers. During the summer you will hike with donkeys and during the winter huskies will be your partners. Whatever the season, you will have a great time.

Mulâne Trekking
It offers longer trips and treks (several days) in the Alps with a mule or with a donkey, in the deserts of North Africa or the Near East with a dromedary, in the mountains of the Atlas with a mule. These tours are adapted to all groups just like the Mulâne Adventure packages. In the Alps, mountain guides and mountain leaders will share their technical skills and their personal experience as professionals and as locals. They know the area like the back of their hand. In North Africa and in the Near East, the guides who work for my local partner agencies will do the same with you. You will enjoy their incomparable skills and knowledge. They will provide comfort and security in their home region.

As for overseas tours and treks, we have chosen to set prices which are in keeping with local needs and wages. All our local partners and employees are skilled workers. Our prices have been set so that our taxi and bus drivers, guides, cooks, dromedary leaders, logistics crew would earn a decent wage in their home village. We have made this choice because we think every worker deserves a decent wage and because we wish to promote fair trade.

Mountain arts
Mulâne Trekking also offers mountain art training packages. They are taken care of by a professional photographer: Floriane Deysse. She will share with you her passion for her activity and for the mountains. She will also teach you how to use your own camera. She will help you open your eyes to catch the best possible shots.

We are still working on future projects : new destinations will soon be unveiled.

We hope to see you soon.